Biomass Hydraulic Briquette Press

Hydraulic Briquette Press

  • Power: 7.5-9kw
  • Capacity: 125kg/h
  • Application: Hydraulic briquette press can process sawdust, straw, paper, wooden material and coal.

Raw Material and Attention

1. Hydraulic briquetting press is as know as briquette press or hydraulic briquette machine. This biomass hydraulic briquette press specializes in processing fined materials from tree branches, twigs, waste wood blocks, rice husk, straw, paperboard and other wood substances and so on.
2. After the work of pulverizer, feedstock will be further manufactured into dried biomass briquette with higher density so that simple storage and convenient transportation can be realized favorably on the one hand, and the product can on the other hand be employed as forage or fuel. In particular, briquette as fuel boasts energy-saving performance and less carbon emissions, also taken as a clean renewable energy of efficiency.

Main Pamameters of Hydraulic Briquette Press

Model GC-HBP125
Briquette Dia. 70mm
Main Power 7.5kw
Production Capacity(Max.) 125kg/h(Varied due to different materials)
Surge Bin Volume 0.45m3
Machine Weight 1t

Note: According to customer demand, 300kg / h hydraulic briquette machine has been developed!

  • Visual operation of whole process to be easy and convenient.
  • Automatic alarm device to ensure production safety and operator can know where the problem is according to the fault alarm and solve in time.
  • Automatic feeding system to ensure steady production.
  • Adopts high-strength hydraulic system to provide enough compression force to keep safe and stable briquetting process.
  • Raw material can be processed into shapes designed according to customer requirements.
  • Quality and performance of our hydraulic briquette presses can meet European Standards.
  • Equipped with a high pressure cylinder which is made of imported wear-resistant materials.

Biomass Hydraulic Briquette Press Video


GC-HBP125 Hydraulic Briquette Press Details

electric control systems intelligent pressure switch
electric control systems intelligent pressure switch and pressure gauge
strong cold wind fan windows hole
strong cold wind fan windows hole
warning lights preserving system
warning lights preserving system
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