Biomass Briquette Press

What is biomass briquette press?

Biomass briquette press, also named as biomass briquette machine, is used to produce various shapes of briquettes. The raw material for biomass briquette press includes all kinds of farm waste biomass like saw dust, weeds, rice straw, straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, peanut seedling, bean stalk, leaves, etc.

GEMCO Biomass Briquette Press Category

Mechanical Stamping Briquette Press

The mechanical stamping briquette press strikes the raw material by the advance and return movement of high frequency piston. Being struck for several times, the biomass raw material becomes solid and hard, and finally forms briquettes to be discharged from the stock mould. This briquette press is easy to operate and has high productivity as 0.5-1.2t/h. The capacity of complete plant can even reach 0.5-10t/h, which is suitable for industrial use.

Screw Briquette Machine

The screw briquette machine can make loose biomass raw material into hollow briquettes by the high temperature and high pressure formed through the function of screw extruder and heating ring. This machine has low cost and 150-350kg/h capacity. The capacity of complete plant can reach 0.5-5t/h, which is suitable for charcoal making factories or small scale briquette making industries.

Hydraulic Briquette Press

The hydraulic briquette press adopts hydraulic power, which is environmental friendly and easy to operate. Its productivity is 100-1000kg/h, which is suitable for furniture factory or small scale tourist farm use.

Biomass Briquette Plant

GEMCO offers solutions to complete biomass briquette plant turnkey project from designing, manufacturing, installation to put into use.
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