Screw Feeder

Screw Feeder

  • Power: 7.5-11kw.Grade 4
  • Capacity: 1.3 m³
  • Application: Industry of mining, metallurgy, coal mining, construction materials and chemistry...

Screw feeder is a stage in a process that allows for a continuous operational flow following the buffer regardless of the process happening before the buffer.
I.E. If the mixer prepares the mixture by batches and need to be stopped for a certain period of time. (I.e. maintenance), this will not stop the briquette pressed from operation. It is mainly used in the large capacity briquetting plant.
GEMCO is a professional manufacturer offer briquetting plant project and auxiliary equipments such as feeder machinery.

Performances of Screw Feeder

(Stable Feeding in The Operation)
Screw Feeder Type ZZG650 ZZG800
Yield 0-30 m³ 0-40 m³
Power 7.5KW.Grade 4 11KW. Grade 4
Speed reducer ZQ400 (GB) ZQ500 (GB)
External size 4200*1470*1800 4700*1470*1800
Capacity 1.3 m³ 1.3 m³

Operation of Feeder Machine
If the materials are overfed, the surplus will be saved in the box of the feeding machine; if the materials are inadequate, the surplus will be fed ao as to make it balanced. It has remarkable function in complete production lines, which could guarantee that the balanced materials feeding obviously improve the briquette forming rate. If there is no such procedure, the materials will be wasted or the machine is unable to run normally, which finally influences the production. which will be matched with the production line of quantitative feeding before the mixing of coal fines and metallurgical mineral powder.

  • Large capacity
  • Stong in adjusting material feeding
  • Unique and stable feeding in the operation
Feeder Machine
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