Horizontal Two-shaft coal mixer

Horizontal Two-Shaft Coal Mixer

  • Power: 11-37kw
  • Capacity: 10-40t/h
  • Application: Mixing of the raw materials and the binder.

Application of Double Shaft Coal Mixer

Double shaft coal mixer
  • Double shaft coal mixer especially applicable for coal powder , slime, middlings, coking coal, coke breeze, dusting ash, pond slob, fire coat, steel slag, iron fine power, aluminum ash powder etc,
  • The machine adopts two-shaft vane staggered forms, during the operation, it could perform pushing and mixing (for the screw type, when pushing, it performs mixing as well, three advances and one back, after the three leads, one adverse single lead will push the materials back so as to well mix the materials).It is applicable to match with the production line.

Main Technical Performances
Horizontal two-shafts mixing machine(vane mixing type,blade mixing type)
Model ZZWJ2000x500 ZZWJ2500x650 ZZWJ3000x650 ZZWJ4000x800
Power (kw) 11 15 15~18.5 37
Output t/h 10~12 15~20 20~25 30~40
Rotation speed of main shaft r/mim 35 35 35 35
Mixing type Vane/blade Vane/blade Vane/blade Vane/blade
Overall size(mm) 3100x750x500 4200x800x620 4700x800x620  
Weigt(kg) 1600 2100 2900 3850

Wheel Charcoal Powder Mixer

The wheel charcoal mixer machine is used to grind the charcoal into powder and at the same time to mix the charcoal equally. The machine is used to crusher the big charcoal briquettes into charcoal powder and at same time it can mix the charcoal powder equally. The sidewall of the circular disk is made of the steel plate with the thickness of 6mm, which the bottom is 10mm steel plate. This mixer is accessory product of complete plant of briquetting equipments.

wheel charcoal mixer Advantage:
  1. Low running speed, high efficiency and stable mixing.
  2. No separation in mixing, and can adding various liquid.
  3. Fast in discharge and less residues in mixing chamber, the full length discharge gare design.
  4. Threeprows chain drive structure, rigidity design to ensure the long time running.
  5. Widely used for additive and pre-mixed material, feed, chemical, pharmacentical industry, etc.

Main Technical Parameter
Model S112 S114
Design capacity(m3/time) 0.2 0.43
Stir time(min) 3-8 2-3
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 10-13
Motor power(kw) 7.5 15
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