lime briquetting machine

Lime Briquetting Machine

  • Power: 18.5kw
  • Capacity: 500
  • Application: Used in mining, metallurgical industry, coal industry, and industry of refractory material.

Introduction of Lime Briquetting Machine
The lime briquetting machine, also known as high pressure briquetting press, belongs to the dry powder briquetting machine series. The lime briquetting machine is used for making lime powder, ferrosilicon powder, chromium powder, magnesium powder, MgO, nickel alloy, refractory materials and other different fines which contain low content water or no water.

This mineral powder briquette machine is a type of high pressure briquette machines with screw feeder in the hopper which can make variety of dry powder into briquette without binder, which is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, coal industry, and industry of refractory material.

Lime Briquette Machine Features

Lime Briquette Machine   Features:
  • The main purpose of this high pressure briquette machine is to reduce powder pollution, minimize size/capacity of raw material, recycle and make more it convenient for transportation.
  • This briquette press machine is characterized by high efficiency and low power consumption, compact structure and so on.

Raw Material and Attention
  • Lime, alumina/aluminium powder, magnesium powder, ore powder, coke, bauxite, pigment, cryolite, chemical fertilizer,  caustic soda or Sodium hydroxide, clay, coke, coal etc without using binder.
  • Material should be less than 80-200mesh. 
  • There shouldn’t be any metallic material in the raw material to avoid damaging the surface of rollers.
  • Sufficient supply of raw material to make perfect and good-looking briquette.

Parameter of Mineral Powder Briquette Machines

Model No. Diameter of rollers Width of rollers Capacity Motor Pre-motor
Model No. Power Model No. Power
GCGF-0.5 Φ299 180 500 YCT250-4A 18.5kw YCT200-4B 7.5kw
GCGF-1.0 Φ367 183 1000 YCT315-4A 37kw YCT225-4A 11kw
GCGF-1.5 Φ367 183 1500 YCT315-4A 45kw YCT225-4A 15kw
GCGF-2.0 Φ399 252 2000 BY67315-413 45kw YCT225-4A 15kw
GCGF-3.0 Φ522 196 3000 Y250M-4 55kw YCT225-4A 15kw
GCGF-5.0 Φ700 210 5000 Y2802-4 75kw YCT250-4A 18.5kw
GCGF-6.0 Φ738 225 6000 Y2805-4 90kw YCT250-4A 18.5kw
GCGF-8.0 Φ758 225 8000 Y315S-4 110kw YCT250-4A 18.5kw
GCGF-10 Φ858 300 10000 Y315S-4 110kw YCT250-4A 18.5kw

Lime Briquetting Machine Parts

lime briquetting machine parts         part of lime briquetting machine
parts of Lime Briquetting Machine    parts of Lime Briquette Machine


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