GCBC-II charcoal briquette machine

Screw Briquette Machine

  • Power: 2.2*2kw
  • Capacity: 150-350kg/h
  • Application: Screw briquette machine can process biomass material like sawdust, rice husk,  wooden material, etc, suitable for charcoal making factories or small scale briquette making industries.

There are 2 series of GEMCO Screw Briquette Machine: GCBC Series and  GCBA Series. Since these kinds of machine is usually used to produce biomass briquettes for making charcoal, they are often called charcoal briquette machine.
It use biomass raw material such as wood chips, rice husk, peanut shell, farmland waste, etc. Also be named biomass briquette mahine.


GCBC Series Charcoal Briquette Machine

GCBC series charcoal briquetting machine is screw type biomass briquette machine. The screw design of this briquette machine makes it possible to produce processed into a cylindrical or hexagonal hollow center, it is easy to process and complete combustion and easily stacked for storage and transport.
GCBC-I Charcoal Briquette Machine  GCBC-II Charcoal Briquette Machine

GCBC-I Charcoal Briquette Machine                          GCBC-II Charcoal Briquette Machine
Output capacity kg/h 180-210 300-350
Motor Power (kw) 15 18.5
Electric heater (kw) 2.2*2kw 2.2*2kw
Size of briquettes Dia.50mm*L.480mm Dia.60mm*L.500mm
Size of inside hole Dia.16mm Dia.16mm
Density of briquettes 1.3 g/cm3 1.3 g/cm3
Weight(kg) 700kg 1000kg
Packing Weight(kg) 800kg 1100kg
Overall dimension(mm) 2700*600*1600 mm 2000*600*1700 mm
Life of the inner former 1-2years 1-2year

video of Screw Briquette Machine


GCBA Series Screw Briquette Machine

GCBA series screw briquette machine is in screw type, it produces hollow hexagonal or quadrangular cylinder with a 15-20mm hole through the body.
The briquettes produced by a screw press is easily handled and stacked, and they have some advantages over those produced using the ram and die press, such as better efficient combustion due to the central hole and carbonized outer layer.
GCBA series screw briquette machine have automatic temperature control system, it is designed to produce high density wood or biomass briquette as biofuel.

GCBA-I screw briquette machine  GCBA-II screw briquette machine
GCBA-I Screw(Charcoal) Briquette Machine         GCBA-II Screw(Charcoal) Briquette Machine
Output capacity kg/h 180-210 280~350 kg/h
Motor Power (kw) 18.5kw 22 kW
Electric heater (kw) 5kw 5 kw
Size of briquettes Dia.50mm Dia.60mm
Size of inside hole Dia.16mm Dia.18mm
Density of briquettes 1.3 g/cm3 1.3 g/cm3
Weight(kg) 560kg 780 kg
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months
Overall dimension(mm) 1600*1000*1000 1500*1200*1600 mm
charcoal briquettes biomass briquettes
bagasse briquettes maize straw briquettes

Charcoal Briquette Plant

Charcoal Briquette Plant
Flowchart of Swadust Charcoal Briquette Line

1. Biomass raw materials (sawdust, wood, stalk, straw or other crop and forestry waste) ↓
2. Crushing (crusher or hammer mill) ↓
3. Conveyor ↓
4. Drying (drying machine) ↓
5. Briquetting (biomass briquette machine) ↓
6. Semi-finished charcoal briquettes (their surface is charred, and they are also called wood briquettes or biomass briquettes) ↓
7. Charring (carbonization furnace) ↓
8. Finished charcoal briquettes ↓

Customer Case

charcoal briquette plant egpyt
Biomass Briquette Plant for Egpyt Customer

charcoal briquette plant south korea
Biomass Briquette Plant for Korea Customers
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