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Applications of Sawdust Briquette Press

Wood sawdust is a kind of common seen biomass. The furniture factory, woodworking factories and the like are main sawdust producers. The sawdust generated by these manufacturers usually irregular shape and size, and even contains small wood brick. But no matter what kind or shape it is, the main composition of sawdust is carbohydrate. The heat produced by burning 1kg sawdust equals to 5kwh electricity. Therefore, sawdust is a good source of fuel.

wood sawdust can make pellets or briquettes
sawdust can be made into pellets or briquettes

Wood sawdust is a renewable natural material that can be made into solid biomass fuel like briquette or pellet. There is a kind of sawdust briquette press that can produce both sawdust briquettes and pellets. The briquette press machine can process loose sawdust into thick cylinder briquettes or thick stick shape pellets without adding any additive. The pellets can be used in home heating stove or industrial boiler, while briquettes are mainly used in industrial boiler.

Significance of sawdust briquette press:

1.The sawdust briquette press machine can be called GREEN energy equipment, since it contributes to environmental protection.
It makes full use of the waste sawdust, wood blocks and chips. The burning of briquettes does not pollute the environment. If fully combusted, it only releases CO2 rather than other harmful gases. Now in many countries, especially European countries, sawdust briquette presses are widely used.
2.From energy safety perspective, the sawdust briquette press can deal with the shortage of energy resources and even decreases the fuel cost.
For industries like power generation, central heating or metal smelting, the fuel plays an important role. Most factories use coal to create heat, but its price is increasing and it also harms the atmosphere. Besides, coal is a non-renewable energy source. However, sawdust briquette (or other briquettes) is a good replacement to coal since it cost much less but can produce almost the same amount of heat with the same quantity! And sawdust briquette is renewable!
Now the world pays much attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. But facing the large quantity of biomass waste produced every day, people are still distressed by how to deal with it.

Sawdust briquette press application

application of sawdust briquette press line

The sawdust briquette press can make the biomass with lower than 30% moisture content into briquettes without any binder. The raw material can also be crop stalk, bagasse, grass, straw, and so on. Under proper pressure, temperature and moisture, the biomass is extruded into briquettes with 8-70mm diameter and 3500-5500kcal/kg.

By the processing of sawdust briquette press machine, the briquettes have high density, high heat value, can be easily and conveniently used, stored or transported. The clean sawdust briquettes can replace fire wood, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas, etc. to be used in stove, boiler, drying stove, and so on for both industrial and home use.

GEMCO briquette press

GEMCO is a renowned green energy equipment manufacturer. Its briquette presses are exported worldwide. Those who have purchased from GEMCO are all satisfied with its sawdust briquette presses. GEMCO promise, no matter what you want to learn about briquette press, or you have any problems regarding the briquette press, we can give you timely and professional response. We believe you will enjoy our product and service!

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