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Buy Best Proper Briquetting Plant for Bio-coal

Bio-Coal Introduction
What is bio-coal? What are the differences between bio-coal and coal? Most people hearing bio-coal, may have the above questions. Then let us talk about bio-coal together. As its name implies, bio-coal belongs to a kind of biomass fuel, it is a kind of clean energy. Compared with coal, bio-coal releases less carbon dioxide to the environment, and the burning efficiency is high. The bio-coal are made from the biomass raw materials, like wood, sawdust, peanut shells, etc. Those materials are renewable, so the bio coal can be made continuously. Bio coal can absolutely replace the coal and become the best bio-fuel.

What is Briquetting Plant for Bio Coal

Briquetting plant for bio coal belongs to the biomass plant, and it uses high pressure and temperature to process the biomass materials into briquettes. The main machine of the whole briquetting plant is briquetting machine, and there are other auxiliary machines to help the briquetting machine finish the bio-coal production. The briquetting plant includes crushing system, drying system, briquetting system, packing system. Each system is important in the whole production line. In the crushing system, the raw materials should be crushed into proper pieces, then they can be pushed into the mold forming briquettes. The drying system is to dry the materials making the moisture content lower than 15%. Too high or too low moisture content will affect the final production result. The pelletizing system is to turn the raw materials into briquettes. After the briquettes are cooled, you can use the packing system to pack the bio coal.
Briquetting Plant for Bio-Coal Proces

Briquetting Plant Usage

The briquetting plant can be used in various places, the furniture factory, power station, central heating center, etc. ABC Machinery can supply the whole set of project plan, which is suitable for the customer. ABC Machinery can also customize the special briquetting plant for bio-coal for the customers. Briquetting plant for bio coal will be more and more popular, for the fossil fuels are less and less, and the environmental problems are serious, so the biomass fuels are gradually going into people’s view and they will have a great market share in the future, so the briquetting plant for bio coal has great usage. It can not only bring clean energy to people’s life, but also bring huge profits to people.

The Advantages of Using Briquetting Plant for Bio Coal

The production of bio coal by the briquetting plant is easy, the investment is low, and the return is fast. The customer can built the briquetting plant for bio coal according to the raw materials and the capital quantity. Briquetting plant for bio coal can produce the bio coal with different shapes and different sizes. The raw materials types are various, so the briquetting plant can be built near the raw materials, which can save a lot of cost compared with the traditional coal.
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