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Choose Screw Briquetting Press from ABC Machinery

Screw briquetting press uses high pressure and temperature to process the biomass raw materials, which realizes the recycling of the biomass raw materials. That is beneficial to our life.
More and more companies began to work on processing the biomass machinery, but the products quality and the service level are jagged, which causes distress to the customers who want to buy screw briquetting presses. Then how to choose a proper manufacture and buy the well-content screw briquetting press? The following tips may be help you.
  • Price. That is the top issue people most care about. However, if you put all your heart on the price, you would like to miss other important factors. As the saying goes, you get what you pay off. So the price is directly proportional to the quality. Many manufactures can promise you the lowest price, but they can not guarantee the quality. We need consider other aspects of the machine.
  • Reputation. It is a standard for us to judge a manufacturer and it is also a reference for the purchaser. Generally speaking, the manufacture with high reputation, the machine quality can have certain guarantees.
  • Quality. This is the foothold of a company. We should pay more attention on the quality when we purchase a screw briquetting press or other biomass machines. It is better for the purchaser to check the machine by ourselves.
  • After sale service. For the purchasers, after sale service is a invisible welfare. If the buyer doesn’t pay attention on the after sale service, it would be a loss. Because the after sale service can solve many worries behind and help the buyer to save a large part of costs.

Why Choose ABC Machinery

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ABC Machinery can guarantee the four points mentioned above. The screw briquetting press produced by our company adopts high strength of materials which guarantee the machine life span. We can not make sure the price to be the lowest, but the most reasonable. ABC Machinery has been in the biomass machinery industry for more than 10 years, and we have rich production and sale experience. Our products have been sold to each corner of the world and got great feedback, so our credit is guaranteed. The service is one feature of our company, we will try to make everything the best from raw materials choosing, cost budgeting to the machine installing and debugging. The first-class service can solve many problems for the customers.

Screw Briquetting Press

screw-briquetting press
Our company has different yields of screw briquetting presses, so the customers can choose the proper machine according their productin scale. We also provide large and small scale of screw briquetting press production line. If the customer has any special requirement, we can customize the machine or production line for the customer. Besides, the products produced by the screw briquetting press has a smooth surface, high density, strong strength and high burning efficiency.
If you want to know more information about our machine, you can fill the following chart, we will reply you at 24 hours, welcome your visiting!
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