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Eight Tips about Operating Charcoal Briquetting Machine

When you use charcoal briquetting machine to make charcoal briquettes from sawdust or other waste biomass, you may encounter some shut downs during production. This is quite normal for fresh operators. So experienced charcoal briquetting plants often have a set of spare machine for emergency.
However, not all users have the money to buy a spare set of charcoal making machine. As a result, the most economical and efficient way is to solve the problem in time.

charcoal briquetting machines
The commonly used charcoal briquetting machines

General problems and solutions of charcoal briquetting machine

1.The “bang” inside charcoal briquetting machine
It may be caused by improper temperature control, raw material contains too much moisture, abrasion of pusher, misalignment of pivot, blockage of exhaust vent, too big or too small pusher head screw, or the sleeve is badly worn. So when there is blowout inside the machine, check the above causes.

2.The briquetting machine does not form briquettes
The heating temperature is too high or too low; severe abrasion of molding sleeve; the angle of pusher is not right; or raw material contains too much water. If the briquetting machine works normally, the briquettes are evenly extruded from the molding sleeve, and the color is brown with smooth surface and no cracks.

3.The fracture surface of briquettes have shining surface, good density but bad hardness
This is because the head screw is too steep. You can make it smooth by polishing.

4.Briquettes have surface cracks
If the raw material contains too much moisture, the briquettes will have transverse crack; while if the moisture is too low, briquettes may have longitudinal crack. Besides, if the heating temperature inside the charcoal briquetting machine is too high, raw material will be over softened, and leads to insufficient feeding. Such circumstance also causes cracks to briquettes. Generally to deal with the insufficient feeding, usually the screw diameter shall be increased, or polish the screw surface and increase the span between screws.

5.The middle of briquettes has low density or scattered sawdust
This is because the pivot of the pusher is worn. The solution is to repair welding and thicken it. In addition, if the pivot is not straight, it will also cause such problem. Under such circumstance, the pivot shall be adjusted under high temperature.

6.The discharging outlet spurts air
This is because the feeding material is not enough, or raw material contains too much moisture, or heating temperature is insufficient.

7.The briquettes bends
The raw material contains too much water.

8.The briquetting machine is blocked
Maybe the raw material contains hard impurity with large size; the voltage or heating temperature is too low; or the raw material is wet. Solutions: stop the machine and disassembly it to clean the impurities; continue to heat and soften the raw material; or dry the raw material again.

There are also many security risks during the charcoal briquetting process.

First is electricity. The charcoal briquetting machine uses commercial power, and the machine body is mainly composed by good conductive steel. So user need to install a leakage circuit breacker to the power source and install grounding device.
Second is fire. The briquettes are extruded under high temperature, therefore they are usually with spark when they come out from the briquetting machine outlet. As a result, user must pour out the sparks before pile up. It is strongly advised to pile the briquettes in the kiln instead of indoor, in case of fire hazard.

More problems about briquetting machine? Consulting our engineers.

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