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How to Build Your High Quality of Pillow Briquette Machine?

Pillow briquette machine in ABC Machinery is on hot sale. Because its product, briquette is pillow shaped, so it is called pillow briquette machine. That machine is one of the hot sale machines of ABC Machinery, and it can process powder charcoal, coal and coke into pillow briquettes, which is not only convenient to transport and store, but also improves the combustible ratio decreasing the unnecessary waste. Most importantly, pillow briquettes produced by pillow briquette machine have a high density, and the burning time is longer. What’s more, it is friendly to the environment, so pillow briquettes are the popular fuels in recent years.
pillow briquettes                pillow briquettes burning
Many people find the business opportunity, and begin to purchase the pillow briquette machine. But it is not easy to produce high quality of pillow briquettes. The users need to consider many aspects about pillow briquette machine. They should be guided buy the professional technology. Here, I will give you some tips in setting up the pillow briquette machine.
pillow briquette machine

Preparation Work

1. Know carefully about the present marketing quotation. You should master the market demand of pillow briquettes. Only by finding the localization accurately, can you find your development target and know what you should do next.
2. Find an ideal pillow briquette machine supplier. A good supplier can give you the superior quality pillow briquette machine and help you to solve some substantive issues in the aspects of installation, debugging, etc.
3. Prepare enough funds. The fund is the important basis to set up pillow briquette machine, and we need to have enough funds that we can go on the following steps.
4. Find the proper place. We should choose the size of the place according to the machine scale, including the area of stacking materials. The power condition of the place should be know exactly otherwise it will affect the using of the pillow briquette machine.

Construction Work

  1. After choosing a reliable pillow briquette machine manufacturer, you should communicate with the manufacturer about how to design the plant, how to construct, etc. ABC Machinery will try to design the best suitable plan for you.
  2. The purchaser should set up the plant according the design in order to meet the installation condition.
  3. The purchaser should install, debug the pillow briquette machine. Before starting the production, the machine should have a test running to test whether there is any other problem.
  4. The manufacturer will give the purchaser a systemic training, until they can produce briquettes independently.

Follow-up Work

The after sale service is a kind of invisible value, many people will ignore it. The after sale service of Some suppliers is not in place, so the purchaser’s right and interest will be hurt. Thus, then when you want to buy pillow briquette machine, you must pay more attention to the after sale service. Because the damaged parts under warranty should be undertook by the supplier.
When every thing clicks into place, the users can use it to produce pillow briquettes, which will help you to get back the cost in a short time and own a huge profit.
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