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How to Make Briquette Press

Biomass briquette is now known by many people to be a kind of clean, renewable and cheap fuel, so many want to make their own briquettes.
To make biomass briquette, the most important is to own a briquette press. Some would like to know how to make briquette press. They can find a few articles teaching you how to make briquette press by your own. But these briquette presses are made just for home use because of its too small capacity.

how to make briquette press

So if you want larger capacity or want to make briquettes for sale, you’d better buy a briquette press machine.
If you are curious about how is briquette press made by manufacturer, you can learn it here.

How do manufacturer make briquette press?

The manufacturing of briquette press is actually a complicated work that includes material selection, purchase, processing, assembly, examination and test.

Material selection: To guarantee the stable running, excellent performance and long service life of briquette press, manufacturers must apply high quality materials to produce the biomass briquette press. For example, the key parts adopt alloy steel to make sure they can be used for as long as possible.

high quality briquette machine high quality briquette press

Screw Briquette Machine

Mechanical Stamping Briquette press

Material purchase: When manufacturers have decided to select one or several kinds of raw materials for briquette press, what they will do next is to bargain with the supplier. Their purpose is to cut the production cost to lowest, so that the final selling price of briquette press can be as low as possible, and ultimately their customers can have the briquette press at low price but still with high quality.

Briquette press processing and assembly: this concerns most. As the world leading briquette press manufacturer, GEMCO have advanced processing equipments and skillful workers. They are able to produce high quality briquette presses without defects.

Briquette press examination and test: after manufacturing, all our briquette presses are examined by examiners carefully to make sure all of them are intact. Besides, the machines customized for customers’ specific biomass raw materials will be tested by our engineers (unless we do not have the same raw material).

All in all, if you want to make briquettes for personal use, you can learn how to make briquette press by yourself from Google. But if you want to make large quantity briquettes, it is advised to purchase from trustable manufacturer like GEMCO.


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