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Top 10 FAQ about Fuel Briquette Machine

1Q. How many hours can this fuel briquette machine work without stopping?
A. It can work continuously for 8 hours.

2Q.What shape of briquettes can screw briquette machine make best for bio fuel?
A. The screw fuel briquette machine can produce both square or hexagon shape briquettes. Generally users choose square shape, since square briquettes are convenient to be piled in charcoal kiln.

3 Q. Can mechanical stamping briquette machine make small size briquettes better, or large size briquettes better?
A. The forming effect is determined by the compression ratio of forming mold rather than size.

4 Q. Why the screw briquette machine has bad forming effect with low density and great smoke?
A. Because the moisture is too high. Besides, the mold may be worn, so it shall be replaced.

5Q. Can the screw fuel briquette machine make briquette of different shapes?
A. Yes. It can make square or hexagon shape fuel briquettes.

6 Q. What are the advantages of charred briquettes? what are the application differences between raw wood briquette and charred briquettes?
A. The charred briquettes can be used in BBQ, cooking, heating, etc. While the wood briquette can only used by cooking or heating.

7 Q. What is the length of briquettes made from sawdust by mechanical stamping briquette machine?
A. Below 100mm.

8 Q. What is the capacity if mechanical stamping briquette machine makes briquettes in 60mm diameter?
A. About 800kg.

9 Q. If the raw material for briquetting has a moisture content of 20%, does it need to be dried?
A. Of course it must be dried.

10 Q. How many hours can a briquette with 1.3 kg/cubic meter stay burning?
A. It varies from different working conditions and raw materials.

Fuel Briquette Machine Type

Screw Briquette Machine Screw Briquette Machine
Mechanical Stamping Briquette press Mechanical Stamping Briquette press
Coal/Charcoal/Coke Briquette Press Coal Briquette Press

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