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Use Briquetting Press Machinery Making Sludge into Briquettes

We all know that if you want to use sludge to make briquettes, you must dry it first, since briquetting press machinery requires about 10% raw material moisture content, but the average water content of sludge and similar materials are between 80 % -85 %, which is impossible to be pressed into briquettes.

As a professional briquetting press machinery manufacturer, GEMCO Energy has developed a complete fast and efficient briquetting process together with the Institute of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

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Sludge mainly comes from municipal sludge, factory sludge (such as printing, tanneries, paper mills, etc.) and other kinds of sludge. We put the sludge to the feeder, the feeder limits automatic feeding and controls the amount of the entire production line to ensure uniform feeding. Then sludge is fed into blender to be mixed, so sludge can contain uniform water, and fully combined with adhesives, control the amount of the entire production line to ensure uniform feeding. After stirring, the material can be pressed by briquette pressing machinery.

To make full use of electroplating sludge, according to its own gravity, the electroplating sludge briquettes are dried to the ideal status. The electroplating sludge is a kind of important metal powder in metallurgical industry. Electroplating sludge powder is widely used in powder metallurgy and production, its consumption accounts for about 30% of the total consumption of the metal powder.

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