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Construction principle of briquette maker press and how to maintain

  1. briquette maker pressRotating part: the main drive system of the briquettes maker press is composed of motor, triangular belt, reduction box, exposed gear and roller. The power of machine body is offered by electromagnetic speed motor, then goes through the pulley, spur gear reducer, and the rod pin coupling to the driving shaft. The driving shaft and the driven shaft operate synchronously through the open gear. Behind the passive bearing block there equipped a hydraulic device. The hydraulic protection device means the hydraulic pump fills the hydraulic pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to generate piston axial displacement. The forming part mainly refers to the main part of the machine.
  2. Feeding part: it is mainly used to achieve dosing to ensure that material goes evenly into briquette making press rollers. The screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic speed motor, through the pulley and the spur gear reducer, to extrude the material into the main feeder. Because the electromagnetic governor motor has constant torque characteristics to maintain a constant feed pressure to keep stable pellet quality when the squeezed feeding amount of screw feeder equals to the amount of material the machine required. If the feeding amount is too large, the feeding device is electrically overloaded; if feed is too small, it can’t form briquettes. Therefore, the skillful operation is an important condition to ensure normal briquetting process.
  3. coal briquettesForming part: mainly refers to the main part of the machine, the core part is the roller. If there is too much feedstock or metal blocks between two rollers, hydraulic cylinder piston rod pressure is overload, the pump will be shut down, and the accumulator dampens the pressure change, the overflow valve opens to drain back oil, the piston rod shift to increase the gap between the rollers so that the hard objects can go through the rollers, the system pressure comes back to normal, so as to protect the pressure roller from damage. This briquette maker press machine can adjust the pressure according to the density requirements of briquettes, and produce flexibly.
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