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1 Ton Sawdust Briquette Plant for Bulgaria Costomer

sawdus briquette plant flow chart

Bulgaria customer order a sawdust briquette plant on March 15, 2015. The sawdust briquette line include belt conveyor, sieve, dryer, dust smoke exhausting system, screw conveyor, bin feeder, 3 GCBC-II briquette machines.
The material is log wood and sawdust. Now all the equipments of the sawdust briquette plant has ready.

Below is the picture:

GCBC II Sawdust Briquette Machines

GCBC II Briquette Machine Parts
GCBC II Briquette Machine Parts

bin feeder
Bin Feeder

slope belt conveyor
Slope Belt Conveyor

Delivery site picture:
Sawdust Briquette Plant Part1

Sawdust Briquette Plant Part2

shipping to Bulgaria
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