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Best Quality of Briquette Press for Sale

ABC Machinery is a Chinese company with more than ten years of biomass machine selling experience. We consist in researching and developing new type of product and trying to improve the machine performance to increase the product output and reduce the energy consumption, which can bring a larger profit to the customers. During all of our products, briquette press is one of the hot selling machines. Briquette press is a kind of biomass machine that turns the biomass raw materials into briquettes. The product of the briquette machine is often used to burn.

Classification of Briquette Press:

Briquette press has many types, and our company mainly sells these briquette presses: punching briquette machine and screw briquette machine, they have their own characteristics:
Punching Briquette Machine:
Punching briquette machine is a kind of machine that can be used for some purposes. It can not only produce briquettes, but also produce pellets. You only need to change the extrusion mold for the whole machine, which is convenient and practical. But generally speaking, if the users mainly produce pellets, we suggest that the user buy a special pellet mill to produce pellets. Our company also has professional pellet mills for the customers to choose. Punching briquette machine adopts special materials that prolongs the machine life span. The delicate workmanship gives a beautiful outlook of the machine, the surface of the briquettes is more smooth and the density is higher. Punching briquette machine can produce briquettes with many sizes, from 8mm to 70mm. For customers, the different sizes of briquettes have a wider choosing range, and it has a great competitiveness.
 punching briquette machine
Screw Briquette Machine:
Screw briquette machine is also called charcoal briquette machine. Just as its name implies, this machine can produce charcoal. The charcoal can be hollow or solid, and the outer shape can quadrangular or hexagonal. The front producing process is similar with punching briquette machine, crushing, drying, briquetting, but screw briquette machine has another step, charcoal making. When making charcoal, we need the kiln, including rail kiln, earth kiln, etc. The customer can choose the proper kiln according to their needs.
screw briquette machine

The carbonized briquettes can be used for barbecue and the food barbecued by the charcoal briquettes is clean, healthy and delicious. Because after being carbonized, the hazardous substances in the briquettes are out, and the ash content is also less. So when barbecuing the food, they won’t be polluted by the substances.
Each kind of briquette has their own usage, and the biggest advantages of the briquettes is that, they won’t pollute environment, the burning efficiency is high and the source is wide. Compared with the traditional fuels, the briquette price is very reasonable and it is in an acceptable range. Besides, if you have your own large briquette production line, you can supply many jobs for many people, and it can bring you more profits.
We have many types of briquette press for sale, if you want to have one, you can contact with us, we are waiting for your coming.
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