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Bio Fuel Briquette Machine Contributes to Greener World

Making biomass into bio fuel has become a trend in recent years. It is on one hand because of the increasing price of fuel like coal or gas, on the other hand because many people own a lot of biomass waste. Therefore, the bio fuel briquette machine is one of the best ideas to make the biomass waste into bio fuel.

What are the differences between bio fuel briquette machine and coal briquette machine?

bio fuel briquette-machine
Bio fuel briquette machine
  • The bio fuel briquette machine is used to make renewable biomass briquettes from wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, straw, stalk, crop waste, bamboo powder, etc. The biomass briquettes can be made into different shapes: round pellet, cylindrical, hexagon stick with hollow center or even cuboid shapes.
  • The biomass briquettes are widely used in biomass power plants, biomass heating boiler, or used for home heating. They can also be carbonized into charcoal briquettes to increase their heat value and price. The carbonized charcoal briquettes are good fuel source for BBQ or industrial use.
  • The bio fuel briquette machine is environmental friendly because it only adopts the biomass that can grow every year. Besides, the biomass briquettes do not release harmful gas or air pollutants.

coal briquette machine
Coal briquette machine
Different from biofuel briquette machine, the coal briquette machine makes coal briquettes from non-renewable energy resources like coal, charcoal and coke into round, pillow, oval, stick or other shapes.
The coal briquettes are often used for industrial use in countries where there are rich coal resources, or for making coal briquettes to sell to home owners who use coal to cook or get heat. Although coal briquettes are not as environmental friendly as bio fuel briquettes, they can generate more heat with the same quantity. But in fact, many areas in the world are gradually replacing coal with bio fuel so as to make a contribution to environment.
In brief, bio fuel briquette machine is enjoying its popularity and superiority nowadays. In the future, more bio fuel briquette machines will be utilized across the world!
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