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Mineral Powder Briquette Press Technology

In the mining industry there is large amount of non-metallic mineral, while the mining process will produce large amounts of non-metallic mineral powder. Therefore to process these mineral powders through certain technology can realize recycling to avoid waste. One of the most significant mineral powder processing technologies is briquette press technology.

Generally, briquette press technology includes the following steps: grinding and classification, separation and purification, surface modification, dewatering and drying, etc.

1. Crushing: the crushing of non-metallic minerals depends on the particle size of raw material. It includes 3 steps: crushing, grinding and ultrafine grinding. The equipments used are crusher, ball grinding mill, stirred mill, and so on. This process can grind the non-metallic minerals into powder with certain particle size and uniformity to be better for later processing.

2. Purification: some non-metallic minerals should be purified before further processing, such as fluorite and kaolin, etc. For soft kaolin, gravity selection desanding, magnetic or high gradient magnetic separator and chemical bleaching is adopted. For fluorite and talc, flotation technology is applied.

3. Surface modification: those non-metallic mineral padding used in high polymer material or polymer matrix composites like plastic, rubber or adhesive, and non-metallic mineral pigments used in paint coating, coating material, printing ink or cosmetics should be surface modified to improve their application performance. For using fluorite powder briquette press or gangue briquette press, adhesive should be used to mix and stir in order to improve material quality.

4. Dewatering: the dewatering process mainly utilizes drying device such as lignite dryer or desulfurized gypsum dryer.

The briquette press technology is widely applied in many industries. It is a good way for resource reclamation. It can turn waste into wealth. We believe in the near future, briquette press technology will be adopted in more areas.
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