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Pillow Shape Briquette Machine

Pillow shape briquette machine refers to coal or charcoal briquette machine that can make coal and charcoal powder into pillow shape briquettes. It can improve the intensity of cold and heat as well as the heat stability of coal when added adhesive and water.

The briquette pressing of pillow shape briquette machine is mainly influenced by the forming pressure of pillow shape briquette machine.

  1. Under the same pressure, the smaller coal particle size is, the better performance coal briquette will have.

When making briquettes from small particle size coal, Under proper pressure, the larger contact area is between particles, the easier it is for adhesive engagement. The particles combine with adhesive through . After dried and solidified, the coal briquettes can have high performance.

When making briquettes from large particle size coal, its total surface area is small, and the particles have higher degree of irregularity and ununiformity, and the smaller area the adhesive can wrap. So the contact between coal particles is not tight and cannot form adhesive and cohesive forces. In consequence, under the same forming pressure, the performance of coal briquettes will increase with the decrease of coal particle size.

  1. The higher forming pressure is, the tighter coal particles are packed, and the better effect adhesive will exert.

When making briquettes from large particle size coal, it is easy to break under pressure. The second time crushing will increase accumulation degree of coal particles and make them contact fully with adhesive.

Small particle size coals are easy to move under the lubrication of water. So small pressure can make them tight. And because of their good regularity, uniformity, and small surface edges, they are hard to break during slip. Therefore, for large size coal particles, the performance of coal briquettes is increased with the increase of pressure, while for small particle size, the change is not apparent.

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