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Sawdust Briquette Press for Swiss Customer

Sawdust briquette press was shipped to Switzerland on September 29.
Swiss customer ordered GEMCO sawdust briquette press on Aug. 28th. He want to make briquettes for sale. The raw material is sawdust, no pretreatment, can be directly making briquettes.

This sawdust briquette machine is screw type briquettes press. This type of briquette press is usually used to make charcoal briquettes from sawdust, straw, wood chips, and farmland waste.
More screw briquette machine go here: http://www.bestbriquettepress.com/screw-briquette-machine.html

Parameters of sawdust briquette press

  • Material: sawdust and wood chips
  • With three-phase, 400v, 50hz
  • Motor: 15kw + 6kw
  • Briquette diameter: 50mm
  • Briquette Shape: Cylindrical six prism

Below is the picture of sawdust briquette machine on site

sawdust briquette press briquette press for sawdust
sawdust briquette press

electric cabinet electronic control
electronic control

part of sawdust briquette press parts of sawdust briquette press
parts of sawdust briquette press

packing of sawdust briquette press sawdust briquette press packing
packing of sawdust briquette press
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