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Sawdust Briquetting Plant for Britain Customer

Britain customer order sawdust briquetting plant in August 2014. Below is the details.

sawdust briquetting plant
equipments of sawdust briquetting plant

Sawdust Briquetting Plant Details

Raw material condition and request of briquettes:

  1. Raw material: sawdust ,wood branches
  2. Raw material moisture: under 40%
  3. Capacity: 800-1000 kg/ hr
  4. Size of coal: 50mm *50mm
  5. Shape is squar with inside hole.

Final Briquettes:

Final Briquettes sawdust briquettes

Flowchart of the Biomass Briquette Technology:

Flowchart of the Sawdust Briquette Technology

1.Drying System


drying machine

  1. The rawmaterial moisture:20-40%
  2. Power: 11 KW  +3kw +1.5kw+1.5kw+1.5kw
  3. Diameter of cylinder:955mm
  4. Lenth of cylinder:9000mm
  5. Capacity:800-1200kg/h
  6. Drying system including 2 conveyor,1 blower,1 screening machine,1 cyclone and 1 electical cabinet.

2.Hammer mill

hammer mill for sawdust briquette plant
Model FSJ-6
Output capacity kg/h 1000-1200
Main Motor Power (kw) 30kw
Fan power (kw) 3 kw
Life of the hammer 1-2years
Weight(kg) 2000kg
Overall dimension(mm) L4000*W15*H4000
The hammer mill is for grinding the wood chips be powder of 3-5mm, which is right size for pelletizing. The hammer use high strength alloy steel,the life is 6 times of ordinary hammer. It 's suitable for raw material with diameter not more than 30mm and 10%-25% moisture content.

3.Briquetting machine

GEMCO briquetting machine is in screw type, it produces cylindrical briquettes through the cylinder at the center of the hole.
The briquettes produced by screw press coal easy handling and piled up, they have certain advantages for those who use RAM and die stamping production. At the same time with the piston pressure produced by the mass is completely solid, screw press conglomeration, on the other hand have a homocentric hole gives better.

GCBC Series Briquetting Press
GCBC Series Briquetting Press

Combustion characteristics: because of the larger specific area. The screw press briquettes are also homogeneous and do not disintegrate easily. Having a high combustion rate, these can substitute for coal in most applications and in boilers. 

GEMCO sawdust briquette machine have automatic temperature control system, it is designed to produce high density wood or biomass briquette as biofuel.
GCBC Series Briquetting Press is an improved model (Do not need to change Inner Former until input capacity exceed 1000 tons) after having continuous modifications. Its design is improved and quality is enhanced on basis of 6 years of research and working experience of traditional briquette machine.

4.Conveyors for sawdust briquette plant

conveyors for sawdust briquette plant
The use of conveyors can help to save labor cost efficiently in briquetting plant.
Screw conveyor is used to transfer the powder like raw materials like sawdust, rice hull, pulverized straw from crushing machine to drying machine, or from drying machine to briquette machine etc.
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