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Sludge Briquetting Plant Turns Wastes into Treasures

Sludge is the waste that is produced during our daily life and the social production. Their exit affects human being’s living condition, which is not only pollute the environment, but also influence the appearance of the city. So it is necessary to handle with the sludge. Based on these wastes, our company launched a kind of device, sludge briquetting plant to solve those problems. The sludge briquetting plant’ production process is easy, the cost is low and the raw materials are rich and easy to collect. Sludge briquetting plant is the first choice for people to handling the sludge wastes.

Brief Introduction of Sludge Briquetting Plant

sludge briquette machine
Sludge briquetting plant is a whole production line, which is involved in dewatering, drying, briquetting, etc. Now let’s see the main production process:
Sludge usually has high water content, which takes up about 80%. If you dry the sludge directly in the whole production line, it will waste a lot of time in that process, which will decrease the production speed. So to shorten the drying time, sludge should be removed most of the water.
The requirement to the moisture content of the sludge should be about 10%, so the drying step is very important for the whole production line. Only by drying the raw materials totally, can the briquettes be with the high quality. This step needs the professional machine, drying machine to dry the sludge. You need to control the temperature, time and other factors to make superior sludge briquettes.
Before making briquettes, you need to mix the sludge uniformly making the humidity consistent. That needs a mixer. After mixing the sludge evenly, you can start to make briquettes. The sludge briquette machine can control the feeding speed automatically, thus the machine won’t be blocked that easy and the quality of briquettes will be better. The users can produce different shapes of briquettes like round type, oval type and so on.
Sludge briquetting plant advantages:
  1. The whole set of sludge briquetting plant adopts advanced materials, which is wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting and safe, reliable;
  2. Sludge briquetting plant can turns wastes into treasures. The sludge produced in the daily life and social production can be turned energy by it;
  3. Except for energy producing, the sludge briquetting plant can save energy, so than it can save a lot of production cost;
  4. The automation degree of sludge briquetting plant is high, which can not only save labor cost but also improve the production speed. Under the situation of enough materials, sludge briquetting plant can work for many hours continuously.

Choose Sludge Briquetting Plant from ABC Machinery

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