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Superior Quality Briquetting Machine Supplier Introduction

Brqiuetting Machine Introduction

Biomass briquetting machine is mainly used for the briquetting of straw, grain shells, peanut seadling, cotton stalks, sawdust, twigs, barks, timber residues, forestry residues, household refuse, etc. ABC Machinery briquette machine uses high pressure and high temperature to press the raw materials into the mould holes, then briquettes will be discharged from the discharging port. The briquette length can be decides according to the requirement.
 Briquetting Machine Supplier

Briquetting Machine Supplier Introduction

There are several superior briquetting machine supplier in the world, and they provide good quality of briquetting machine to customers. They have their own features.
  • C.F.Nielsen is a Denmark briquetting machine supplier, who has been in this field for more than 200 years, so we can know their technology and machine quality are very good. Just because of that, the machine price is rather higher. If you pay more attention on the quality, you can try it.
  • RUF is the USA briquetting machine supplier, and it has more than 40 years of history. Through its price is lower than C.F.Nielsen, it is still higher than Chinese briquetting machine suppliers.
  • C.F.Nielsen is an Indian briquetting machine supplier, whose briquetting machine quality is not so advanced, but the price is lower than C.F.Nielsen.
  • E.P MACHINERY is a Chinese briquetting machine supplier, this company’s machine has a very low price, it is even lower than ABC Machinery. But the quality is poor than ABC Machinery. If you care the price more, you can consider this company.
  • ABC Machinery is a Chinese briquetting machine supplier, too. We have more than 20 years of experience in briquetting machine manufacturing. We have mature technology and superior quality, no matter it is punching briquette machine or screw briquette machine, we can supply you the best quality of machines. Besides, we offer the free after sale service, if you have any question, you can send us email, we will reply you as soon as possible. The price of our briquetting machine is reasonable, and the cost performance is high. From the aspect of price and machine quality, ABC Machinery is a good choice for most customers.

The Recommended Briquetting Machine Supplier Introduction

ABC Machinery is the leader in biomass briquetting machine producing industry, we insist on the principle of customer first and quality first. We will consider many aspects for customers, for we supply one-stop service, which will solves a lot of problems for the customers. From the materials choosing, plant building, machine running to the after sale service, we will help customers heart and soul.
If you have any problems, please fill in the following blank, we will reply you at 24 hours, and we will try to make our customer satisfied. Glad to receive your E-mail.
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