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The Complete Briquette Machine Price is Determined by Client

Nowadays more and more people are interested in knowing more about biomass briquette machine. In fact, as long as you have sufficient raw material, investing into biomass briquette making is wise and promising. GEMCO has helped our clients from different countries build more than 70 briquette plants. The mature experience and expertise has made GEMCO your best supplier of biomass briquette machine. You do not need to worry about the briquette machine price.

Complete Charcoal Briquette Plant

The investment into charcoal briquette machine can be determined by the practical situation of clients. The charcoal briquette making environment can be simple. For those who do not have enough funds, you can make briquettes at home, since in rural areas, most families have a big yard, which is sufficient for installing the charcoal briquette machine. And of course, if you have enough money, you can set up an individual workshop for certain scale production.

The Key Equipment of Compelet Briquette Plant
briquette machines

Besides workshop, what you need to invest into remains equipment. GEMCO briquette machines have different capacities to meet different production requirements. For daily capacity less than 20ton, the whole set of equipment is no more than 50,000 USD. The client can choose briquette machine model according to own conditions. For small scale charcoal briquette plant, customers can run it themselves, so that they can save labor investment. Later, with the increase of profit, you can enlarge the production scale and increase investment into briquette machine.

make biomass briquettes
Biomass Briquettes
We know that investment always involves risk, so before you establish a charcoal briquette plant, it is important to make an analysis of the investment climate and inspect raw material origins and price, in order to basically make the charcoal briquette plant investment estimate and make profitably investment. As the briquette machine price is fixed, and so does your investment, therefore, your raw material cost and marketing channel will determine your profit. Here, GEMCO wish all our customers will make great profit in the future.
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