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Various Kinds of Briquette Press Extruders for Sale

Briquette Press Extruder Introduction

Briquette press extruder is the umbrella name, and it has another names like briquette machine, briquetting press, etc. Different machines process different raw materials. The briquette extruder can be generally divided into two types, biomass briquette press extruder and coal/coke briquette extruder. The biomass briquette press extruder processes the biomass raw materials, like wood, sawdust, peanut shells, stalks, etc, and the coal/coke briquette press extruder processes the inorganic materials, like coal powder, coke powder, etc. Both the briquette press extruders produce the environmental products. The products can be the substitutes of the traditional fuels such as coal, natural gas, gasoline, etc.
biomass briquette press extruder
biomass briquette press extruder
coal/coke briquette extruder
coal/coke briquette extruder

Why Choose Briquette Press Extruder of ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery is a advanced foreign trade company, and it is established in 2004 with more than 10 years of experience up to now. We have professional technicians and 8 patents, and we also got the certificates of ISO9000 and CE. So our machine has quality and safety guarantee. The briquette press extruder is one kind of our hot selling products. We use high quality of materials to make the machine, so the machine is durable and the yield is improved. If you choose the briquette press extruder of ABC Machinery, you will avoid lots of problems, because we provide all-around services, from the capital budget to the after sale service. We will help the customer to build the machine or plant, and train the staff to operate the machine for free.

Briquette Press Extruder in Our Daily Life

Briquette press extruder is not so popular in our daily life, most of people are using the traditional fuels and they won’t realize the importance and necessity of using briquette press extruder. We all know that the traditional fuels are non-renewable sources, once they are used out, there won’t be them any more. Besides, the using of traditional fuels will pollute the environment. Using biomass briquettes can avoid the above problems, the biomass briquettes are renewable and they can alleviate the environmental situations. With the development of society, the demand to the energy will be larger and larger. The briquettes can be used in power station, central heating center, etc. The fuel energy usage amount is huge. So the briquette press extruder is a trend in the future. You should grasp the opportunity to start your business.

The briquette press extruder of ABC Machinery is on hot sale, and we have sold the products to more than 50 countries and regions. If you have any need, please tell us, we will help you to solve your problems as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our best comfort!
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