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Why Choose GEMCO Lignite Coal Briquette Machine

Lignite coal briquette machine is used to press loose lignite powder into required shapes of briquets.

Advantage of GEMCO Lignite Coal Briquette Machine

  • Lignite Coal Briquette Making Machine Easy Use.
  • Lignite coal briquette machine realize the storage and transportation of lignite.
  • The briquets making machine makes lignite a high range fuel with great combustion value.

What is lignite coal?
Lignite coal, also called brown coal or wood coal, is a kind of lackluster brown black lean coal that has the lowest degree of coalification. It widely exists in Germany, Russia, United States, Australia, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, China and many other countries and areas.
Lignite coal
Lignite is rich in volatiles, so it is apt to get fire and release smoke. It contains about 60-77% of carbon. It is mainly used in power generation plants, also used as chemical materials, catalyst carrier and adsorbent. It can be directly used as fuel for homes or industries.
However, because of its high chemical reactivity, it is easy to weather and craze in air; its low fire point (270°C) also makes it apt to cause spontaneous combustion if stored longer than 2 months. As a result, it is not suitable for storage and long distance transportation. In addition, its combustion value is only 3000kcal or below, much lower than coal (7000kcal).

GEMCO Lignite coal briquette machine
To solve these problems, our company has developed the lignite drying technology to increase its combustion value to 4800-6000kcal.
Then the lignite powder is processed by lignite coal briquette machine. In the briquets machine, the lignite coal powder is densified by the high pressure compression of two counter-rotating rollers. The pockets on the rollers are the main parts that shape the briquets.
Lignite coal briquette machine
After processed by the briquets making machine, the lignite briquets have tight structure and density and do not loose even if put into water. Therefore, the briquets machine has realized the storage and long distance transportation of lignite coal. It even makes the lignite coal briquets a kind of high range and quality fuel.
We have successfully made out good lignite briquets for our customers in Russia, Turkey and so on, and they are quite satisfied with our lignite coal briquets machine.
If you also want to make lignite briquets, please feel free to contact us.

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