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Find the Ideal Biomass Briquette Press from GEMCO

Biomass Briquette Press from GEMCOBiomass briquette press is mainly used to make briquettes fuel from biomass like wood, sawdust, stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, etc.

To choose a suitable and reliable biomass briquette press has been confusing customers for a long time. If you choose an unsuitable briquette press machine, you will suffer from its utilization and maintenance. Through years of manufacturing experience and customer feedback, we have concluded several advices on choosing the most suitable biomass briquette press for you.

Facts about biomass briquette press

  1. Your raw material.
Your biomass material determines the productivity of biomass briquette press. If your biomass raw material has high hardness, like wood sawdust, it may require higher pressure. Since the working pressure of briquette press is fixed, the same machine may produce less wood briquettes than other biomass briquettes. While if your raw material is not so hard as wood, for example, crop waste, the normal pressure is OK for briquetting. Therefore, the biomass briquette press will produce more briquettes than wood sawdust.
material for biomass briquette machine
biomass raw material
materials for briquette machine
Non-biomass raw material

Besides productivity, raw material also determines the wear rate of briquette press mold. If raw material is hard, it may cause more weariness to the mold. But if raw material is soft, it causes less weariness. As a result, the mold to produce hard biomass will be used shorter than soft biomass. (And in fact moisture content of raw material is also a determining factor to mold wear rate.)

  1. The briquettes you want to produce
This determines which type of biomass briquette press you choose. Generally if you want to make BBQ briquettes or charcoal briquettes, you choose screw briquette press; if you want to make briquettes for industrial use, choose industrial briquette press; if you require more about the production condition, you can choose hydraulic briquette press. (Learn more about biomass briquette press machine classifications.) http://www.bestbriquettepress.com/new/Briquette-Press-Machine-Classifications.html
briquettes you want to produce
  1. Mold material quality
To choose a biomass briquette press, you must know the quality of mold, since it is the core part. The mold must be made from hard, wear-resisting and crush resistant material. Generally for industrial briquette press (mechanical stamping type), the larger compression ratio it is, the higher power it consumes. So for hard biomass, you’d better choose large compression ratio; for soft biomass, choose small compression ratio. (Note: the screw biomass briquette press and hydraulic biomass briquette press only have one type of mold.)

  1. Maintenance.
The maintenance determines the lifespan of biomass briquette press. Whether the wearing parts of the machine are easy to replace, whether spare parts are easy to get, and whether the daily maintenance is convenient are all important. So it is advised to choose the one that is easy to maintain.

About biomass briquette press manufacturers

Having decided which type and model of biomass briquette press for sale to choose, you can find several manufacturers to compare their price, product quality, service, etc.
To choose a biomass briquette press manufacturer like GEMCO with strength and reputation, you will be guaranteed with good quality, high productivity, overall pre and after sales service, and in time trouble shooting.

Why can you rely on GEMCO biomass briquette press?

GEMCO biomass briquette presses are designed with advanced industrial technology. Besides, GEMCO briquette presses are adopted with safety protection devices to guarantee operator safety and reduce accident.
Feel free to contact us at any time to get biomass briquette press specifications!
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