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How to Build Your Own Homemade Briquetting Machine

Do you want to make fuel briquettes for home use? Do you want to produce coal briquettes and sell to home owners?  Do you want to build your own homemade briquette machine? GEMCO homemade briquetting machine can do this!
Homemade briquetting machine here refers to the honeycomb coal ball machine, which makes coal dust (coal fines) into hand-sized coal balls with holes (similar to honeycomb). The homemade briquettes shapes can be: square, round, quincunx or diamond shapes as required. Your logo or trademark can also be stamped on the homemade briquettes.

homemade briquetting machine line
(Equipments of the complete homemade briqutting line.)

The briquettes produced by homemade briquetting machine have smooth surface and good combustion performance. Besides for home use, this machine also can produce briquettes for restaurants, hotels, or industrial uses.

Composition of homemade briquetting machine

  1. Main body of homemade briquetting machine is composed by platen and engine base
  2. Transmission part: is composed by electric motor, belt pulley, gear, transmission shaft, etc.
  3. Coal feeding part: is composed by spindle, hopper, blunger. The axial gear stirs the blunger, mix up the coal and pushes it into the mold shell.
  4. Stamping part: is composed by 4 sliders, sliding beam, punch, punch holder, moving platen, moving mold bottom, spring.
  5. Conveying part: is composed by transmission rack, belt pulley, holder, conveying belt.
homemade briquetting machine homemade briquette machine
(GC series homemade briquette machines)

How to operate the homemade briquetting machine?

Homemade briquetting machine preparation and trial run
  1. Level the homemade briquetting machine, and fix it onto the cement base.
  2. Clean the greasy dirt on the machine, add all transmission and moving parts with lubrication oil.
  3. Check if there is loose screw.
  4. The belt pulley of main engine must turn clockwise, and reverse is forbidden! Before starting the homemade briquetting machine, remove the triangle belt to test the turning direction of electric motor. If the turning direction of electric motor is the same with the variator, the triangle belt can be installed back to the homemade briquetting machine for test run.
Homemade briquetting machine operation notices
  1. Before normal operation, check if the screws are loose, if there is impurities on the machine, and pulls the wheel to see if the punch has accurately entered, if the mold shell and mold bottom are aligned.
  2. Lubricate the main parts and connecting parts regularly.
  3. When the machine is working, pay attention to the sound inside the machine. If there is strange noise, stop the machine right now to check the problem.
  4. If the punch is jammed, cut off the electricity until the machine stops. Then clear away the coal powder inside the punch and mold shell. NOTE: never pick up anything inside the machine by hand when it is still running!

What are the advantages of homemade honeycomb coal briquettes?

  • Honeycomb homemade coal briquettes are highly efficient and easy to burn. The briquettes made by homemade briquetting machines have the same efficiency as liquefied gas. Only in 2mins the flame can be as high as 30cm. the highest temperature can reach 680 degree Celsius. 2 pieces of coal ball briquettes can last for 120-150mins.
  • They are cleaner than raw coal. The burning of honeycomb coal balls does not leave much dust. After burning, the honeycomb coal ball can stay almost the same shape and status as before burning.
  • If fully combusted, they do not release any CO or SO2, which is much environmental friendly.
 different kinds of honeycomb shape briquettes
If you have rich amount and regular supply of coal, it is wise to buy a homemade briquetting machine to make coal briquettes and sell to home owners; or you can use them for your own restaurants or factories. The homemade briquetting machine won’t let you down!
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