homecomb ball machine

Honeycomb Ball Machine

  • Power: 4pole 7.5KW Motor
  • Capacity: 50Piece/Minute
  • Application: Used in large hotels, restaurants, home heating cooking etc.

Introduction of the honeycomb ball machines:
The honeycomb briquette machine is also known as homecomb ball machine. GEMCO GC series closed type honeycomb briquette machine can produce different shapes of coal briquettes from coal fines, such as square shape briquettes, round shape briquettes, multi-hole briquettes, quincunx shape briquettes. One model can produce various sizes of briquettes.

Honeycomb Briquette Machine Features:
  • The final briquettes produced at our machine have smooth surface, good appearance and good burning performance.
  • One machine has multiple uses, energy saving and reasonable price.
  • This honeycomb coal ball machine is not only suitable for single machine fixed operating or flow line production, but also suitable for mobile processing operations.
  • Homemade briquette press maker is widely used in large hotels, restaurants, home heating cooking etc.
  • For manufacturing different sizes of honeycomb coal balls, you only need to replace the corresponding mold (punch, turnplate, etc.). Therefore, when placing the order, you can also purchase several sets of molds with different sizes in order to save cost and achieve multi purposes.

Specifications of honeycomb coal ball machines
Model capacity Final briquette size Power
GC 14-F
50Piece/minute Round shape: below Ф140
Square shape: below100×100
4pole 7.5KW Motor
GC 16-F
50Piece/minute Round shape: below Ф160
Square shape: below 100×100
4pole 7.5KW Motor
GC 180-F
50Piece/minute Round shape: below Ф180
Square shape: below 150×150
4pole 7.5KW Motor
GC 220-F
24Piece/minute Round shape: below Ф220
Square shape: below 100×100
4pole 11KW Motor

GEMCO can offer free technical formula for customers, plan, design, and install the coal production line and guide the production.
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Honeycomb Ball Machine Video

Pictures of moulds and final briquettes:

final briquettes for coal ball machine
briquettefinal briquettes for honeycomb briquette machinecoal ball
final briquettes for homecomb ball machinefinal briquettes for homemade briquette press maker

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