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How to Choose Charcoal Briquette Plant Supplier

Charcoal briquettes have been widely used in many areas: industries, catering (especially BBQ) and heating. They are one kind of environmental friendly fuel sources since they are made from waste materials like sawdust, wood shavings, stalk, bagasse, furfural residue and even mushroom dreg, etc. (Learn more about how to build a complete charcoal briquette plant. http://www.bestbriquettepress.com/faq/what-do-I-need-for-complete-charcoal-briquette-plant.html ) As a result, many companies and individuals are planning to buy charcoal briquette plant to make charcoal briquettes for sale.

To buy a complete charcoal briquette plant, most users want to find a reliable supplier.
GEMCO Charcoal Briquette Plant Supplier

How to find reliable charcoal briquette plant supplier?

1. It is better to choose a manufacturer instead of an agent.
The manufacturer can offer you the lowest price with the least profit. But agents or trading companies will add profit to the machine and the plant. Besides, manufacturers can offer charcoal briquetting plant with good quality, stable performance and not easy to break down. What’s more, their after-sales service is also guaranteed.
2. Choose the one who supplies the plant that suits you.
This is a rather abstract concept. It may refer to the capacity, the operation mode, the price, the covering area, etc.
3. Choose the charcoal briquette plant according to your capacity requirement, your location (for example, if you are in humid areas, the rotary type dryer is much better), your local power status (voltage and frequency), etc.

GEMCO, trustable charcoal briquette plant supplier

As one of the charcoal briquette plant suppliers, GEMCO has over ten years of experience in charcoal briquette and briquette machine manufacturing. The charcoal briquette machines used in the plant have high efficiency with low energy consumption. Ever since it is invented, the charcoal briquette machine has been welcomed by the world market. It involves all advanced technology and well caters to the market demand.

charcoal briquette plant supplier
biomass briquette machines

When the charcoal briquette plant was launched on the market, it had received good reputation. Its high speed material feeding ability, high efficiency design and advanced technology have made it a Star product in GEMCO. The wide application of the charcoal briquette machine makes it able to process various kinds of biomasses. Its processing strength can reach 320MP, which means high productivity, high efficiency and low operation cost. The excellent performance of the machine greatly improves the productivity of the whole charcoal briquette plant.

Features of charcoal briquette machine:

  • The whole structure of this machine has been improved, which makes sure the best feeding amount and most reasonable processing structure. As a result, its output is greatly increased under same condition and power.
  • It has high cost performance. All the components work well with the machine. Compared to those from other suppliers, it has higher stability and better performance.
  • Its large capacity makes it energy and labor saving. You will save electricity and ultimately cut down production cost.

Advantages of charcoal briquettes made by GEMCO charcoal briquette plant

Easy to combust, high density, high heat value, no smoke, no smell, no pollution, no explosion.

Choosing the right charcoal briquette plant supplier requires your carefulness and knowledge in this field. But if you are not familiar with this industry, don’t worry, we can guide you!
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