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GEMCO Coal Dust Briquette Press Improve The Coal Quality

What is coal dust briquette press?
Coal dust briquette press is now a good help for recycling coal dust in tailings. It can make powdery coal dust into briquettes to be more convenient for transportation, and can be made into coke for later smelting or burning. The coal briquettes are also very easy for storage. It is really good for bringing value to waste coal dust.

Coal Dust Briquette Press

How to improve the coal quality for coal dust briquette press:

  1. Improve bulk density of the coal can improve coal quality. If the bulk density is improved, the intervals among coal particles will be decreased; during coking process, the plastic mass is apt to fill in the intervals, and the air is not easy to precipitate, both the expansibility and fluidity of plastic mass will be increased to make the coal particles more tightly contacted and form solid coke briquettes. Besides, the higher bulk density of coal is, the less semi coke shrink there is in coking process, ultimately less crack caused to coke, and intensity of coke is increased. Technologies like coal preheating can improve coal bulk density. Such processes can make full use of high volatile and low cohesiveness gas coal, or with some weak caking coal to expand coking coal resources.
  2. Optimize crushing technology of coal. The crushing fineness and particle size of coal dust used for coking greatly influence coke quality. The wrong way is to mix all kinds of coal before crushing. Different coal types have different hardness. So the crushing and sieving process should base on different coal particle requirement. Gas coal that has high hardness should be finely crushed; the coke coal or rich coal that is easy to be crushed can remain larger particle size. Such processes can improve coal cokeability and reduce coke crack, which ultimately increases coke quality. The best way is to do so tests to get the best coal blending fineness.
  3. Add additives. The additives like binder, leaning agent or others can change the cokeability of coal. The binder is suitable for those coal materials that have weak dry cohesiveness and low fluidity. It can improve strength of coking mechanical strength and coke reactivity. The leaning agent is suitable for the coal materials that have high fluidity and high volatile to increase coke lumpiness, pore structure and improve coking mechanical strength. These 2 technologies can be combined together.
The coal dust briquettes made from coal dust briquette press are good source for coking industry. So knowing how to improve coal quality for coal dust briquette press is very important.


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