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How to Make Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal is a kind of dark brown or black solid fuel made from incompletely combusted timber (usually hardwood which includes oak, maple, teak, walnut, elm, aspen, mahogany, birch, and so on), wood raw materials or palm fronds, coconut shell, while charcoal powder or charcoal dust is mainly made from crop straws or forestry residues.

Why we need to make charcoal dust into briquettes?

The reason is that, raw charcoals are not in uniform shape, so they will not sell a good price. However, when made into briquettes, they have the same shape and length that look well and have higher price.

Charcoal Powder

How to make charcoal briquettes from charcoal dust?

To make charcoal briquettes from waste charcoal powder, a set of charcoal briquetting machine is a must. You may also need to add certain amount of coal binder.

  • If your raw materials are charcoal powder, you can directly put them into the charcoal briquetting machine.
  • If your raw materials are biomass, that is the original wood or crop waste, first you should carbonize them in an airtight charcoal carbonization furnace or kiln. After high pressure carbonization, irregular shape charcoals are made. Then the charcoal needs to be crushed into powder or dust form. Thirdly, mix the charcoal powder with coal binder. After that, put into the charcoal briquetting machine. Then, charcoal briquettes should be dried and packed for sale. And finally, charcoal briquettes making finished.

Who can make charcoal briquettes?

People who have regular supply of sufficient biomass raw materials or charcoal powder, and want to make profit are advised to make charcoal briquettes, especially in countries like India, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, etc. The charcoal briquettes can be used in BBQ, cook or industry.

Recently we have built several charcoal briquetting plants in Russia, India, America, Kenya, Morocco, and above mentioned areas, and have got good feedback. If you also want to make charcoal briquettes for sale, just contact us for professional consultation!

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