BBQ Charcoal Machine

BBQ Charcoal Machine

  • Power: 7 kw /11kw
  • Capacity: 150-300(kg/hr)
  • Application: Extruding BBQ charcoal, easy burning, high heat value, low pollution and high density.

Introduction of BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine
This machine can be used to extrude charcoal stick of different diameter (diameter range:15-65mm) in cylinder or square shape with or without hole through different moulds from charcoal dust under high pressure and high temperature. But you have to add binder into the charcoal dust to extrude briquette. From the shapes of products, we can differentiate how the biomass briquettes are produced. The product can be different shapes of column with about 10cm to 50cm long such as hexagon, cylinder or quadrangle shape. If the center of column has a hole, the biomass briquettes are from screw briquetting press. No hole in center, from ram briquetting press.

Features of BBQ Charcoal Extruding Press:
This machine is of reasonable structure and easy operation and maintenance. The briquette made by this machine features flammability, high heat value, low pollution and high density.

Video of BBQ Charcoal Extruding Press

Technical Parameter
Model:  GC-150
Capacity(kg/hr): 150-300
Power: 7 kw /11kw
Overall size: 1300*800*1600mm
Packing size:1550*1310*1360mm
Weight: 800KGS
Diameter of finished charcoal stick: 22-65mm
Length: It depends on your require.

BBQ Charcoal Machine Packing

11kw BBQ Charcoal machine Packing       BBQ Machine packing

Finished BBQ Charcoal

BBQ charcoal     charcoal stick
BBQ charcoals     charcoal sticks