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Why use Charcoal Briquette Equipment

Why we need charcoal briquette equipment? Look at our customer.

“I have a small factory in ndonesia to make charcoal briquettes with capacity 3 tons per hour, I would like to set up a new factory but full automatic , I would like to reach 10 to 20 tons per hour. I also need you to help with fully automatic machines to pack my products, we do packing manually now and takes long time. I hear you have a company that is highly efficient engines and effective to produce the production. Once I get your email I will send you video of my factory and operation so you will have clear and full picture of what I want.” by Wisnu

BBQ Charcoal Machine shisha charcoal briquette equipment

“Dear Sir, I'm interesting about equipments which produce charcoal briquettes for proffesional use bbq. These charcoal which usually produced in malaysia or in indonesia with the hole in the middle. I would like to know what type of machines you have for the beggining until the end of the productive progress. Thank you.” by Issa Alkrad

“We are interested in the tunnel mesh belt dryer for shaped charcoal briquettes for barbecue. Capacity should be 500 kg of dry briquettes per hour and with hot air generator on wood. (our firewood: http://www.njuskalo.hr/image-bigger/gradevinski-materijal/drva-ogrijev-slika-32654140.jpg). Please send me technical description, special accent on the hot air generator and temperature control, and price.” by Khilan Shah

If you want to know about charcoal briquette equipments, or have the similar problem. Contact us now!

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